About Us

Mineral Resources International

The Anderson family, majority owners and managers of MRI, have an extensive background and history in harvesting, processing, and promoting solar-concentrated minerals from Utah’s Great Salt Lake for human consumption.

MRI’s minerals pass the heavy metals safety test set forth in the U.S. Food Chemicals Codex. Many of our liquid mineral concentrates are Kosher certified. Some of our products are available with Halal certification. MRI is Good Manufacturing Practices or GMP Certified by NSF, the leading independent consumer safety and Good Manufacturing Practices certifying organization.

MRI offer a variety of naturally derived, ionic mineral supplements as well as bulk ingredients for use within the food and drinks arena.

The MRI range is the first choice for those requiring a superior class of mineral supplement for health or sports use. MRI is the only supplier and manufacturer of GRAS mineral ingredients from Utah’s Great Salt Lake. Further, MRI conducts strict quality and safety testing to ensure the utmost purity, potency and safety of its products.MRI’s minerals from Utah’s Great Salt Lake are Generally Recognized as Safe.

Mineral Resources International (UK) Ltd.

MRI (UK) Ltd acts as the EU representatives of Mineral Resources International Inc. MRI specializes in providing quality ingredients for use in the food, beverage and dietary supplements industry. MRI’s minerals are all natural and sourced from the Great Salt Lake located in Utah.

Mineral Resources International (UK) Ltd. was established by chiropractor and geologist David Thomas, to provide interested people with information concerning the need for trace element supplementation in their diet.

One of the principal concepts we would like to share with you is illustrated diagrammatically below:

1. This simple diagram demonstrates why we are all different and may respond symptomatically to the same cause in different ways and:

2. The lack of minerals and trace minerals in our diet is fundamental to our well being. At the end of the day we are made up of the stuff of the earth and an intangible quality called "life force".

This diagram, albeit simple, indicates just how adept our body is at compensating, adjusting and adapting to all the mental, emotional and environmental stresses we experience every day of our lives. That is its job: to see us from cradle to grave as asymptomatic as is possible. Consequently when symptoms manifest, it's your body expressing its inability to compensate well enough. Remember, chronic dis-ease conditions such as Osteo-Arthritis, Diabetes, I.B.S., M.E., M.S. etc. didn't just "happen", they have developed over a period of time until our body just cannot compensate and adapt any more and symptoms manifest.

What we have found out at Mineral Resources International (UK) Ltd.is that one of the most nationally difficult requirements to deliver to our basic body biochemistry is an adequate supply of minerals and trace elements from our foods. This circumstance could be the basis of many mental, emotional and physical illnesses. We have established Mineral Resources International (UK) Ltd. to share knowledge about mineral and trace element deficiency conditions with you and to promote the use of ConcenTrace® as an ideal, ongoing mineral and trace element supplement for the 21st century.