Avoid the Flu With a Powerful Immune System

We all know there is a major outbreak of "flu" coming. The government has been kind enough to let us know for some time and has been offering us "protection" against it in the form of a "shot in the arm". Whether or not the threat is real, the truth is that every day there are literally hundreds of germs and viruses in the air around us with the potential to make us ill but most of them don't. A healthy immune system, working silently on our behalf, ensures that we stay in good health and uninfected and don't even notice the myriad of unwanted diseases attacking us.

Traditional Vaccinations Weaken Your Health Not Protect It

Rather than protecting us against the many types of flu, traditional vaccinations may actually be adding to the problem. The simple fact is that the vaccine actually contains a minute sample of the disease it "protects" against in the "hope" that the body will naturally build an immunity to it. Quite simply, before you had the jab you didn't have the flu and after the jab you did, albeit in a very minute dose. You have also unwittingly been subjected to a high dose of mercury and other unwanted toxic chemicals. In one split second your immune system is under attack "from the inside" and your health has already been weakened, possibly forever. Every vaccination you have simply adds to the problem.

Find out the facts about Influenza and make your own choice

Why is the annual flu jab offered in the first place?

In most years, it is estimated that several thousand deaths are attributable to the complications of flu and around 10 per cent to 15 per cent of the population develop flu each year. Flu is highly infectious - 100,000 flu particles can be projected into the air with one sneeze, and in just 12 hours the flu virus can invade one million nose and throat cells.

Can the annual flu jab act as a protection against bird flu?

The flu jab is unlikely to offer any protection at all against a pandemic strain of flu which has emerged from a mutation of bird flu.

Your Own Healthy Immune System is the Best Defence

DO SOMETHING POSITIVE and BOOST your Immune System naturally with Immuno Max - it's been used for years by all walks of life! Regular use will offer you the best protection. Your own healthy immune system!

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Key Ingredients: ImmunoMax contains the essential Minerals, Vitamins, Herbs and Antioxidants: Zinc, Selenium, Magnesium; Vitamin C with bioflavonoids; Vitamin A and CoenzymeQ10, Astragalus Root, Olive Leaf, Goldenseal Root, Echinacea, Garlic Bulb and Shitake Mushroom that's to name a few.

Usage: One pack will typically last 1 month.

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